My Need to Have Something Solid to Believe In…


There is always one main reason, one solid concept, one person, or one primary goal that drives people to get up every morning and move through another day.  For some, it is their money; for others, their family; and yet for others, their faith.  When all else fails, as it usually will, the Lord will always be there.  For skeptics, aetheists, and “ye of little faith,” if my previous statement bothers you, read no further.  As one of my Facebook friends recently posted, “I will not stay silent so that you can stay comfortable.”

Sundays are often a struggle for me.  I know where I need to be, I can feel the tug at my heart.  And yet, as I sit drinking my coffee early Sunday morning, watching the clock so that I have enough time to get ready for church, the forces of negativity in life claw at my beliefs, my faith.  That little voice in my head that fights to undermine good constantly whispers, “Why bother?  You’ve got other things you can do.  The house needs cleaning, the lawn needs mowing, or better yet…why don’t you just enjoy the day, watch nonstop movies?”  And then I look at my family and their own self-indulgent struggles and realize that even in my own struggles, at least I have something solid to believe in…something that will never disappear and fade, never come easy and go quickly, will never let me down for any reason, will never turn its back on me.  I have faith…faith in the Lord and the good of His promise.  He will never make a promise that He cannot keep, will never lie to me, will never disrespect me, will never viciously point out my flaws over and over again, will never compare me to another, and will never change His mind about me.  I have faith, I have my Lord.  And through Him, even when there are days I feel that I simply cannot go on, that all is lost and I should just give up, He finds a way to come to me and keep me moving through the day.


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