Don’t Try So Hard…

It’s got to be one of the most inspirational Christian songs I’ve heard lately.  This is Amy Grant’s newest release and addresses our need to constantly please those around us.  In fact, the first lines of the song are:

“Another Monday comes and I just wanna breathe
Cause it’s a long, long week for someone wired to please.”

This has been a very long week of Monday’s filled with little inspiration, motivation, or faith.

As I posted to Facebook earlier this week, I always promised myself I wouldn’t wind up angry and bitter like my father. Unfortunately, I now understand why he was the way he was. When you’re a person ‘wired to please’, you give the world so much of yourself that after a while there is nothing recognizable of yourself to give. For some reason, if you’re ‘wired to please’, your goodness and kindness always seem to be repaid with rudeness and unappreciative behavior, you are always taken for granted as if you’ll ALWAYS be around, and when you even attempt to ask for kindness and respect in return you are struck down with the sharpness of a forked tongue.

I finally fully understand my father’s frustration and heartbreak, always the “good guy” and yet kicked to the curb for everything he ever did to help anybody. I feel the same, and yet I cannot stop being the person I am. At present, I feel like one of the unpopular, bullied kids at school – always giving my best, trying so hard to be accepted, and yet never able to measure up to those around me.

Life is difficult enough without feeling that unquenchable desire to please everybody.  Its a desire that never wanes, even with the heartbreak and frustration that follow its course of destruction.  As Amy Grant sings:

“Don’t try so hard
God gives you grace and you can’t earn it
Don’t think that you’re not worth it
Because you are
He gave you His love and He’s not leaving
Gave you His Son so you’d believe it
You’re lovely even with your scars
Don’t try so hard”

My life question today is, “When will I take heed and listen?”


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