Actions With Consequences

One thing I have learned by trial and error is, “never jump into anything without at least some consideration of the outcome.”  On my part, it is typically “careful consideration,” which drives my husband insane.  Some might say that my version of “careful consideration” is more a matter of procrastination or “micro-management”; however, when faced with an extremely large or tedious project, I prefer to have a somewhat mapped out idea of where I will end up during the course of the project.

Case in point, this weekend my husband trimmed the low-hanging branches on the massive, Silver Leaf Maple in our front yard.  From first hand experience of being smacked between the eyes and receiving several stitches to my forehead, I now tend to stand back and gauge whether or not cutting a branch that far above my head is a wise decision. My husband, bless his heart, just wants to accomplish things and charges forward as I anxiously watch his antics and expect the worst.  It is typically more than I can handle, and I choose to go inside and turn my back so I do not have to see the inevitable coming.  Perhaps this is the “A” side of my personality pushing forward, but more often than not, it is tried and true experience that has taught me – not, at times, without serious consequences – that there should ALWAYS be a method to the madness.  And try as I might, I usually cannot avoid interjecting my personal opinion into the “method.”


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