The Search for God

This morning, I asked my son why he had become so anti-Christian considering his upbringing and his love for God when he was younger. His response to me was, “Because God doesn’t exist.” I asked him why he felt that way and his response was, “Because he never answered me when I asked him for things when I was younger.”

As a parent, my logical response to this is: “As a child, when you ask your parent for things merely because you ‘want’ them, do you always get them? When your parents do not respond to your ‘demands’ or choose to say ‘NO’, do your parents suddenly cease to exist because they have said ‘NO’?” As children of God (our Father), the same holds true. When we make “empty” (i.e., not from the heart) demands of our Father for things that are of no or little value, our Father responds as a responsible parent. When we, however, ask from the heart, patiently WAIT for a response, and open ourselves to actually HEAR that response, our Father is gracefully giving.

I have many friends and family members who are not Christians. That is their choice. As a Christian, it is NOT my responsibility to chase those individuals and force them to believe as I do, nor is it my responsibility to SAVE those individuals. My responsibility ends when I deliver our Father’s message. And while it makes my heart ache fiercely to see so many of those I love wandering aimlessly, emptily, and randomly in a mortal life with a PROMISE of eternal life just dangling like a carrot on a stick, I can neither force those individuals to reach out and take the carrot nor to LISTEN with their heart to find the truth.

I am a Christian. I believe in God. Your choice to not believe does NOT make my Father instantly cease to exist. I have a mortal mother and a father, both of whom are now deceased. Just because my mortal mother and father are dead does not mean that they never existed. If I were ever to tell somebody that their loved one did not exist just because that loved one were dead, I’d have a major fight on my hands and possibly a lifelong enemy! Just because you choose to deny that your eternal father does not exist, does not mean that he does not exist for me. I would NEVER dare to tell you that your parents do not exist. The point is, just because we can’t physically see or touch something does not mean it does not exist. The spirit sees all, while the narrow view from the mind hides most of it.

We cannot see the air we breathe, yet we KNOW it is there and we breathe it to survive every day. We cannot “see” music, and yet we know it is there because we CHOOSE to hear it. Even those who are deaf CHOOSE to hear it through the vibrations they FEEL. We cannot see the viruses that make us ill unless we use a high tech device to enable us to do so, and yet we know they exist. We know those viruses exist because we CHOOSE to know they exist. We feel a vast array of emotions, but we cannot SEE them or TOUCH them. And yet we never once deny their existence. We go through a lifetime existing in a world with hundreds, even thousands, of “things” that we cannot see or touch, and yet we never ONCE deny their existence – atoms, subatomic particles, electromagnetic waves, freedom, the edge of the universe.

Not one of us can deny the inner drive to discover our purpose, to live a life that means something and will be remembered, or to make a difference on the world in which we live. For once, I ask you to stop and consider this question, “Do you honestly think it is by ‘chance’ or by ‘destiny’ that humans are the only species capable of abstract thought and complex creation such that we have the unique ability to drive cars, program computers, perform complex surgeries that save lives, travel to the moon, create test tube babies, and so many other amazing feats that are beyond the capability of the billions of species that co-inhabit this earth?” Those abilities were granted not “by chance.”



4 thoughts on “The Search for God

  1. Is Anybody There?

    How often have we cried out for comfort or guidance, to something we neither see nor hear? After being told throughout our lives in one way or another, there is someone listening, it seems the natural thing to do. But when prayer seems like your talking to the air, it can leave an already empty heart, most unsettled. Sometimes we stop trying altogether…for a while. But do we ever stop completely? Within lies a voice that just doesn’t seem to let us.
    I too have been one of those, left feeling no one was there. Even giving up, more or less. But many years later, during a most dire time, I began bargaining and making deals, as I hung on by a thread. We should be careful about the deals we make during these times of tribulation, for someone is… listening. * laughs*
    Off I went back to sleep, forgetting the deal I so earnestly made, even though it was obvious…someone heard. Until one day, I was reminded with a return phone call, in the sweetest and yet, you’ve got to be kidding way. I can’t speak for anyone but me and so that’s all I am speaking of. There is someone there, listening to every word, every thought, and when its your turn to wake up, what you thought was nothing, you find is a whole lotta something. And life will never be the same again.
    There isn’t a little old man sitting up in the sky, waiting for you to ask of him, all the things from your wish list, nor waiting to get you out of a pinch. Oh how limited our thinking and heart is. Life’s not about taking, its about giving… about love. And so the next time you think of making a phone call, why don’t you do something different and say, โ€œ How can I serve you Fatherโ€ from a thoughtful heart, and allow Him to show you who really is on the other end of that call…with a love like no other. For in love, we are never alone.

    • THANK YOU, Sharon! I absolutely LOVED your beautiful comment. I too have walked that path, which is why even now, in my darkest hours, I hold fast to what I believe. God bless you, dear lady…

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