Real World Heroes Do NOT Demand Attention

MANY have suggested that Edward Snowden’s background certainly indicates that he was neither smart enough to propel himself into a “classified” position nor smart enough to steal classified documents. There remains a question as to whether he was even capable of acting on his own, or was simply a puppet on a string. Why are we so quick to bestow a “hero” label upon somebody who obviously was not in this for the greater good of the country, but rather to massage his ego? Are we to be so easily deceived by the suave words of a pathological liar?

Eight things we OBVIOUSLY forgot about Snowden (which SHOULD have us opening our eyes a bit and questioning how, with absolutely no previous credibility, he was launched from “zero to hero”) include the following:

1. He did not graduate from high school. He quit, earned his GED, and undertook a “self-designed” college education through a patchwork of courses at various community, for-profit, and online schools. This included a “self-designed” syllabus at (supposedly) five different institutions without bothering to seek a diploma. And we are supposed to believe he had more than an Amoeba-sized grasp on the world of high-tech intelligence gathering?

2. His Army record showed that he attended Catonsville Community College in 2002 and attended Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, Maryland. Catonsville Community College actually became the Community College of Baltimore County Catonsville in 1998. Hope Davis, spokesperson for CCBC says they have “no record” of a student with that name ever attending school there.

3. He stated that he took courses at Johns Hopkins University, which he did not, and stated that he was receiving his Master’s Degree from The University of Liverpool (not sure how he managed that without a college degree!), which he did not. A spokeswoman for John’s Hopkins University said they have “no record” of Edward Snowden every attending classes there.

4. Snowden said he enlisted in the Army in 2003 in an effort to become a Green Beret; however, extensive searches of his military records by Army officials at Fort Benning show that he did not enlist until May 7, 2004, and that there was no evidence that he had EVER reported for duty at the base.

5. He was a security guard at the University of Maryland.

6. He worked for Booz, Allen, and Hamilton for less than three months and reported his income to be around $200,000 when it was actually only $122,000. Not bad for a high school dropout with not even three-months of on-the-job experience.

7. The home in Hawaii in which Snowden lived had been empty for weeks (verified by the realtor) before Snowden fled the country on May 20, and yet Snowden still says he left on May 1. The Hawaii realtor said the owner wanted Snowden and his girlfriend out of the house by May 1 so it could be sold, but also that the police stopped by four days before Snowden outed himself to ask where the couple had gone. If Snowden had been planning his leak for months, as he claims, where did he stay for three weeks, and why did he stay in Hawaii?

8. Snowden NEVER had the authority to wiretap ANYBODY, even though he claimed “But I, sitting at my desk, certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone: From you or your accountant, to a federal judge, to even the president if I had a personal email.” Snowden was a low-ranking grunt, a contractor, and not a “data collector”.

As Kenneth Hess, with ZDNet points out:

“Stephen Hess of the Brookings Institution has gone to great lengths to classify those who spill classified information to the news media. There are baskets: 1) the ego leak (for the purpose of self-aggrandizement); 2) the goodwill leak (a downpayment for a “future favor”); 3) the policy leak (“a straightforward pitch for or against” a certain proposal); 4) the animus leak (get back at the bastards); 5) the trial-balloon leak (self-explanatory); and 6) the whistleblower leak (generally deployed by career personnel frustrated by the lack of change).”

The bottom line is Edward Snowden WAS and STILL IS a loser. He didn’t feel important in his job with BAH and needed a way to make himself more important. Because he has an clearly inflated sense of importance, not only does he constantly need attention, but he has become a pathological liar who skews facts to fit his illusion of “self-aggrandizement”. (Wow! Edward Snowden pegged to a T!)  I am appalled by our readiness to bestow a “hero” label upon one whose character and shady past tarnish the real heroes of this world such as the first responders of 9/11 who sacrificed their lives to save the lives of others, the firefighters who fought and lost their lives in the wildfires that ravaged California last year, all of those who acted quickly during the Boston Marathon bombing to secure the area and save lives, and most importantly all of our military heroes who have, and continue to, willfully enlist and die for the freedoms of the United States.  Edward Snowden is NOT a hero.  His actions are a black mark to the true heroes of the world.


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