My name is Gina Rush.  I am an educated (Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Computer Resources and Information Science) working mom and a self-employed (Business Consultant) mom, which sums up to three full-time jobs – mother, employee, and boss.  Additionally, I have been writing articles, stories, blogs, business documentation, and any other type of written material since I can remember, most often for work-related purposes and less frequently for self satisfaction.

I find myself often engaged in opinionated written exchanges  regarding some controversial issue or deeply entrenched in a “mind dump” of internal thoughts to an electronic file kept locked away on my computer.  Sometimes I share those ramblings, sometimes not.

From a young age, my grandfather always encouraged and urged me to take my writing to the greatest levels I could possibly achieve and often repeated that I had the makings of a great writer.  As is typical of teenagers, I “knew better” and never did heed the advice of my elders; however, find myself of late with a burning desire to share my writing and let that part of me take me down a much more fulfilling path in my life regardless of the topic about which I choose to write.

This blog is dedicated to me and all the countless others in the world whose life experiences have molded them into vessels of knowledge pouring forth a wealth of information to be shared with the world.


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